Vox Media, Parent Company of The Verge and New York Magazine, Announces 4% Staff Reduction

Vox Media dropped some tough news on its employees announcing a 4% staff reduction. The cuts mainly hit the product, design, technology, and analytics teams, as well as The Dodo, their animal-focused site.

vox media layoffs
vox media layoffs

A Vox spokesperson explained, “This reflects continued turmoil in advertising and the need to build even more loyal audience relationships given the increasing volatility of search and social platforms, among other factors.”

The Vox Media Union expressed their dismay, stating, “This news is especially devastating in the midst of the holiday season, and we are furious that management has short-sightedly opted to eliminate these essential roles.”

They highlighted that this marked the second major round of layoffs at Vox Media this year, affecting reporters and video production team members covering climate change, policy, and tech.

Senior Vox reporter Sara Morrison, one of those laid off, shared on social media that she was seeking work outside of journalism, emphasizing the industry’s brutal nature.

Vox Media defended its decision, stating, “Vox Media has a culture of adapting in what has always been a dynamic industry to best serve our audiences in a financially sustainable way, and we will continue to do that.”

Rebecca Jennings, a Vox senior correspondent, publicly objected to the layoffs, stressing the impact on those doing crucial, audience-facing work. The union is now raising funds to support those who lost their jobs.

Mia Sato, a reporter for Vox Media’s the Verge, expressed her disappointment, calling the layoffs shortsighted, cruel, and a huge loss for the industry. The union assured that severance would be provided in accordance with the labor contract.

The union declared solidarity with the affected workers and others across the media industry who faced job cuts in 2023. They called for Vox Media management to find a financial path forward that avoids further job eliminations, emphasizing the need for a stable and equitable media landscape.

The media industry has been grappling with layoffs for years, particularly impacting digital-focused outlets.

Gerard Thompson
Gerard Thompson

Gerard Thompson, a seasoned tech industry worker understands the struggles of facing layoffs firsthand. Having navigated the uncertain and daunting world of job loss himself. Gerard is the founder of JustLayoffs.com

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