SmileDirectClub Shuts Down Globally: Rise and Fall of the Affordable Orthodontics Leader

SmileDirectClub, the once-prominent telehealth orthodontics company, abruptly closes its global operations

smiledirectclub layoffs
smiledirectclub layoffs

SmileDirectClub, the global company known for offering direct-to-consumer dentistry and orthodontics services, has closed its doors less than three months after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

In a statement on its website, the telehealth company, established in 2014, expressed the challenging decision to wind down its operations globally, effective immediately. They expressed gratitude to customers for their support and the opportunity to enhance over 2 million smiles and lives.

Given that a typical teeth-straightening course with SmileDirectClub spans 4-6 months, some customers may find themselves in the middle of their treatment. The company suggested that affected customers seek assistance from local dentist offices to continue their care.

SmileDirectClub had initially positioned itself as an affordable alternative to traditional orthodontics, aiming to “democratize access to a smile each and every person loves by making it affordable and convenient for everyone.”

Their aligners, priced around $2,000, were considerably cheaper than clear aligners obtained through traditional channels, which could cost around $5,000 at brick-and-mortar medical offices.

While existing customers won’t receive new aligners to complete their treatment, those who financed their SmileDirectClub plans are expected to continue making monthly payments until the payment is completed as per the SmilePay program.

The company stated that refund eligibility would be determined as the bankruptcy process unfolds.

Despite major retailers like Walmart and CVS carrying its products, SmileDirectClub faced financial challenges and declared bankruptcy in late September. At that time, the company emphasized its commitment to providing affordable and accessible oral care without disruption.

In a recent development, SmileDirectClub participated in a scheduled hearing at the US Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Texas to consider conditional relief, according to court documents.

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