Broadcom Announces Layoffs of 1,200 VMware Employees Post-Acquisition

broadcom vmware layoffs
broadcom vmware layoffs

Broadcom is cutting jobs in California. Around 1,267 employees from VMware’s office in Palo Alto will lose their jobs after Broadcom acquired VMware for $69 billion.

The layoffs were officially disclosed and they are expected to take effect on January 26, 2024.

This move is part of a broader trend, as Broadcom has also announced job cuts in other locations like Georgia, Colorado, Washington, and New York.

The Silicon Valley Business Journal reported that Broadcom plans to shift its headquarters from San Jose to Palo Alto. Additionally, the company aims to change VMware’s approach to remote work, with Broadcom CEO Hock Tan stating that “remote work does not exist at Broadcom.”

The total number of disclosed job cuts by Broadcom, according to WARN listings, is at least 1,995. This includes layoffs in different states, such as Georgia, Colorado, Washington, and New York.

The layoffs in New York, affecting two locations and remote workers, are expected to happen on February 26, 2024.

It’s worth noting that concerns about mass layoffs were raised before the merger between Broadcom and VMware was finalized.

There are speculations that the total number of job cuts across Broadcom could potentially reach 20,000, although this has not been confirmed by the company.

Despite these developments, Broadcom has not provided any official comments or responses regarding the situation.

Gerard Thompson
Gerard Thompson

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