New Layoffs at DISH Network and the CEO Steps Down

DISH Network confirms more layoffs within the company, while the CEO steps down.

dish layoffs
dish layoffs

DISH Network is making significant job cuts in an effort to reduce operating costs.

The company has been undergoing restructuring since 2020, resulting in several rounds of layoffs over the years.

While the exact number of job cuts remains undisclosed, it’s a substantial round, with rumors suggesting that as much as 20% of the workforce could be affected. However, DISH has neither confirmed nor denied this figure.

This marks the second major round of layoffs at DISH in 2023, following a previous round earlier this summer.

According to a statement from a Dish representative, these decisions were made to adapt to changing business demands and ensure long-term success.

Affected employees will receive notifications by the end of the week, and the company has filed WARN notices with the relevant labor departments.

In addition to these layoffs, DISH reported a decline in subscribers for the 3rd quarter of 2023, with both DISH and Sling TV losing a combined total of 64,000 subscribers.

While Sling TV experienced a positive trend by gaining 117,000 subscribers, DISH lost 181,000. As a result, the total number of pay TV customers for DISH and Sling TV now stands at 8,840,000, down from 8,904,000 in the same period in 2022. Sling TV boasts 2.12 million subscribers, while DISH has 6.72 million.

DISH Network has been investing in its 5G wireless network expansion, incurring significant costs. The company has also been in talks about a potential merger with DIRECTV for some time, although its financial situation has posed a hurdle. Earlier this year, DISH agreed to merge with EchoStar, a satellite communications provider.

The recent job cuts may be a part of the preparations for the forthcoming merger with Sling.

In an additional development, the current CEO of DISH is stepping down next week, with the CEO of EchoStar poised to lead both companies as they gear up for the official merger.

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