Death Stranding and Control publisher announces 30% staff layoffs and focuses on “what works”: sequels and established hits

Digital Bros Group, owner of 505 Games and renowned for titles like Control: Ultimate Edition and Death Stranding, announces a 30% global workforce reduction as it shifts focus to sequels and established hits amidst changing market dynamics.

death standing layoffs
death standing layoffs

Digital Bros Group, recognized in the gaming industry as the parent company of 505 Games, responsible for popular titles like Control: Ultimate Edition and Death Stranding, has recently announced a significant reduction of 30% in its global workforce.

The decision comes as part of the company’s strategic shift to concentrate on developing sequels and revisiting previously successful games, aligning with what the current gaming landscape appears to demand.

The company disclosed this information through a press release, and according to social media posts from affected employees, some of the layoffs have already taken effect.

The scale of the layoffs is noteworthy, surpassing the workforce reductions seen at prominent game developers such as Bungie and Epic Games this year.

Digital Bros attributes this restructuring to the evolving dynamics of the video game market since the onset of the pandemic. T

he company perceives a shift in consumer behavior, with players displaying a preference for established Intellectual Properties and prolonged engagement with familiar titles. In response, Digital Bros aims to realign its focus on creating sequels and updated versions of games that have proven successful in the past, opting for a more cautious approach to new, high-budget productions.

While it’s not uncommon for companies to favor sequels and established franchises over new intellectual properties, it’s noteworthy in the case of Digital Bros, the owner of 505 Games, a publisher recognized for its diverse portfolio that includes titles like Ghostrunner, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, and Last Day of June.

Despite Digital Bros emphasizing a strategic shift, the impact on 505 Games itself remains uncertain, and the company insists that new projects are still part of its future plans.

As the gaming industry continues to evolve, the decision to streamline efforts towards proven successes raises questions about the creative diversity that 505 Games has been known for over the years. While the publisher assures that new projects are not entirely off the table, the extent of the impact on its creative breadth remains to be seen in the face of these strategic adjustments.

Read the full press release below

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